MaineHealth Institute for Research

Transforming Maine into a Vibrant Biomedical Research Ecosystem

It is an honor to share with you some of the remarkable research achievements and ongoing activities from our MaineHealth community in 2023. We sometimes describe the MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR) as “small but mighty”.  Certainly, when one visits 81 Research Drive, that description can seem accurate. But consider the footprint of our research community.

We have clinical trials ongoing across nearly every MaineHealth department and region. We have grown research training in multiple disciplines in collaboration with a growing number of academic partners, impacting the career development of many across MaineHealth.

Our collaborations cross institutional, national and international boundaries. There is no question that research is accelerating MaineHealth’s vision and helping to transform Maine into a vibrant biomedical research ecosystem.

Building our research programs in collaboration with our community was a clear priority for our former VP for Research, Dr. Elizabeth Jacobs, and we are grateful for her contributions to the work of community engagement over her three years of leadership.

We are on a journey. Somewhere along this journey, we will all recognize that MaineHealth is a learning health system, a great place to get care, as well as a great place to live, learn, grow and lead. Thank you for your interest in our research programs, and for supporting the curiosity and engagement so critical to our success on this journey.

Doug Sawyer, MD, PhD
Chief Academic Officer
Interim Vice President of Research

MHIR By the Numbers

Staff Members
Total 2023 Grant Funds
New Grants Awarded
Clinical Trial Studies
  • Oncology, Neurology, & Cardiology – Top 3 Clinical Research Areas
  • 159 Scientific Publications
  • 1499  Biospecimens distributed by the BioBank Tissue Repository, a division of the Center for Applied Science & Technology
  • 12 Core Facilities with State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • 139 Learners & Trainees in MHIR’s Education & Training Program
  • 1 Patent issued for Methods, Compositions, and Kits for Producing Beige Adipocytes and Treating Metabolic Disorders; Aaron Brown, PhD Faculty

2023 Sources of Sponsored Research Support by Sponsor Type

Donut chart illustrating source of funding: 9% foundation and nonprofit, 13% industry, 78% federal

MaineHealth makes research a priority and also has generously provided support to MHIR’s operating budget.  2023 MH Operating Subsidy $12.1 M


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