New Programs Promote Health Care Careers

Critical Care resident APPs Lily Prior, PA-C and Danielle Poulin, NP, train in Maine Medical Center’s SCU.

Expanding Advanced Practice Provider Programs

Newly-accredited Advanced Practice Provider (APP) – Critical Care residency program and the MaineHealth APP Education Office build equitable access and secure pathways for future frontline workforce

MaineHealth hosts over 200 advanced practice provider (APP) students in clinical placements each year. Accordingly, the Department of Medical Education has established the MH APP Education Office (APPEO) to:

  • Support equitable access for learners
  • Help create consistent and sustainable encounters for learners, staff and preceptors
  • Provide organization and structure to these experiences

Today, the APPEO team is working hard to grow preceptors for this learner group so we can sustain this important workforce pipeline. Please email us if you’re interested in learning more.

Accredited APPFA badgeThis year, Maine Medical Center also welcomed the first APPFA accredited Advanced Practice Provider (APP) – Critical Care program in Maine! By applying our years of experience managing residency and fellowship programs, the Department of Medical Education has been able to support APP leaders in establishing and running this new program, and in gaining accreditation.

About the APP Critical Care Residency

The MaineHealth APP Critical Care residency program provides newly-graduated APPs with:

  • Formal critical care curriculum and assessments
  • Critical care simulation, didactic and inter-professional learning opportunities
  • Foundational critical care knowledge and training to gain competency and confidence for practice
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Inside Medicine: Supporting High School Students

Partnership with the MaineHealth workforce development team breathes new life into a free program for high school students interested in exploring health care careers

In the post-COVID world, “Inside Medicine” began as a virtual club, connecting local high school students with information about careers in health care. With quick success and overwhelming interest from school communities around the state, the program has grown to enroll 80+ high school students from 18 schools across Maine.

Students Teaching Students

Under the coaching and leadership of longtime Maine Medical Center faculty member, Dr. Maribeth Hourihan, Tufts-Maine Track medical students plan and facilitate a series of weekly virtual meetings for high school students. There are two sessions, during the summer or school year.

In 2023, our colleagues on the MaineHealth workforce development team took over “Inside Medicine” logistics and enrollment support. Their efforts have further increased program visibility across the state, helping us connect with even more students interested in a future health care career.

About the Maine Track Program

Maine Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine collaborate in delivering an innovative medical school curriculum designed to support better access to care and a stronger health care workforce in Maine. This unique program offers clinical training experiences in the unique aspects of rural practice as well as training at major tertiary medical center.

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